TTI 10th Anniversary in Nikko

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TTI 10th Anniversary in Nikko



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The Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Nikko is a city representing Tochigi Prefecture, with a wealth of history and culture.
The two shrines and one temple here, including Toshogu Shrine, have been designated a
World Heritage Site. The hotel is historic, being one of the earliest western style
in Japan, and it proudly displays photos and registry entries from some of its famous
visitors, including Albert Einstein, the Lindberghs, and a variety of European royalty.
Perhaps most well known is Frank Lloyd Wright, who is said to have drawn up his plans
for the old Imperial Hotel in Tokyo while relaxing in their Dacite Bar.

Dinner. All the current members of TTI are here (except me, taking the photo). Starting with my empty chair, moving clockwise (all names are first/last format): Tom Goto, Jim Nomura, Vic and Jane Larkin, Akihiro Yamaoka, Hiroyuki Okuda, Chikayoshi Takebayashi, and Takanobu Tahara.
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The Dacite Bar, where F.L.Wright drew up plans for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo... though it was so dark, I can't imagine how he could see to draw up anything...
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Kegon Falls, one of Nikko's attractions, is fed from Lake Chuzenji.
Yukinobu (Jim) Nomura, founded TTI after retiring as CEO of Computervision Japan.
The original crew of TTI, in a photo taken 10 years ago.
From L to R: Masahiro Hamamoto, Akihiro Yamaoka, Tomomi (Tom) Goto,
and Yukinobu (Jim) Nomura.