St. Pat's Day, Tokyo - March 2004
Traditional St. Pat's Day dragon!

St. Patrick's Day, Tokyo 2004

March 2004

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a role model for the kids!

The Parade

Yes, they have a St. Pat's Day parade in Tokyo, but only for the past
10 years or so, I think. Just an excuse to have a good time, I guess!
One of the people at the front is the Irish ambassador to Japan, probably
not the guy in the fake beard
2004_03_15_013.jpg 2004_03_15_014.jpg

Japanese bagpipers

Yes, you read that right... forget Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation",
baby... I'm livin' it!!! A little extra surreality for Jonny-boy...
Actually didn't sound too bad... been around since 1975
2004_03_15_015.jpg 2004_03_15_016.jpg TokyoPipeBand.jpg

US Army band there to help out

2004_03_15_017.jpg 2004_03_15_018.jpg

Not the normal apartment dogs

Yappy, annoying "little" dogs are the norm in Tokyo, and since most folks
live in smallish apartments, that's understandable. But these people love
their big dogs, and make room for them somehow... (the gray ones are Irish
wolfhounds, the reason there ain't no wolves in Ireland today...)
2004_03_15_029.jpg 2004_03_15_030.jpg 2004_03_15_032.jpg
2004_03_15_034.jpg 2004_03_15_033.jpg

The "real" patron saint of Ireland...

What's an Irish holiday, religious or secular, without our good friends,
walking, flying, anthropomorphic pints of Guiness? Gotta have role models
for the kiddos...

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