London - June 2002

London 2002

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We were there during the soccer World Cup playoffs. After
England beat Argentina (a bit of a rivalry there) all these
folks at Trafalgar Square were jumping in the fountain and
climbing up the base of Nelson's pedestal
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Trooping of the Colours
A once a year ceremony where various military regiments present
themselves before the monarch. This was one of the practices one
week before the actual ceremony
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Windsor Castle
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Kensington Palace
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The Millenium Eye
A large Ferris Wheel set up for the Year 2000 celebration
They've left it up (for now) as a tourist attraction
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A natural hot spring where the Romans built a resort complex
(around 200-ish AD)
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The Globe Theatre
A group of theater types, led by Sam Wanamaker, had been planning
on reconstructing the Globe, a building that stood in the 1500's,
where many of Shakespeare's plays were first produced. Before they
started, however, the site of the actual Globe was discovered and
excavated, giving them a lot more data on the actual location, dimensions,
construction techniques, etc. The original was about a hundred yards away
from this site.
The last photo was taken when I went back to see The Twelfth Night
Turned out it was Founder's Day, and they were presenting an award of
some sort to Paul Scofield (he wasn't there, someone else accepted
for him). The guy in the black dress was the artistic director, and
was also playing the Queen in the play. As in Shakespeare's time,
(at least in England) all the female roles were played by men
They're sticklers for authenticity!
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Tower of London
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Sherlock Holmes
There really is a 221 Baker Street, Holmes' supposed address.
They've set up a small museum as close to 221 as they could get
(221 would actually fall into the middle of a bank on the corner)
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