Diving at Izu Peninsula - Oct 2002

Diving at Izu Peninsula (Ohse)

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I had a chance to dive at Ohse on the Izu Peninsula (west of Yokohama).
It was my first chance to dive in Japan, and Tom Goto's first opportunity
to dive at all. Thanks much to Jim Nomura for setting up the trip!

Small islands just off the shoreline... typical of the coast. And a
local resident
KN001002.JPG KN001004.JPG
We drove down on a Friday evening, and stayed a small inn the night before
our dive. Our divemaster, Miyashita-san, has brought clients there many times
in part because they serve a good dinner. This was where I had the dish known
as "Hell-Dancing", which is a live abalone cooked on a small brasier. And yes,
he really starts showing his dance moves when you light that flame. Very tasty.
Last photo in the first row.
KN001001.JPG 101-0144_IMG.JPG 101-0147_IMG.JPG 101-0148_IMG.JPG
101-0149_IMG.JPG 101-0150_IMG.JPG 101-0151_IMG.JPG 101-0152_IMG.JPG
The beach at Ohse. We did two beach dives at this popular location. The
vertically-oriented photo is Miyashita-san in front of the dive shop where
we got our tanks. The second photo, first row, shows Miyashita-san, Tom Goto,
and Jim Nomura. Tom and Jim are members of TTI, a partner firm of the company
I work for, Engineering Intent.
KN001007.JPG KN001008.JPG KN001009.JPG KN001010.JPG
KN001014.JPG KN001015.JPG 101-0165_IMG.JPG
The dive. The coast dropped off pretty quickly, so even though it was a
beach dive, we dropped to about 90' (28m). I had my first chance to see
large soft corals and a lionfish (second photo, first row), and a Moorish
Idol (I think) in the next photo. A crinoid in the 4th photo (first row)
and a diadem sea urchin (1st photo, 2nd row). The little splashes of
electric blue and orange are on the body of the urchin. And then there's
a sea cucumber with his feeding apparatus out (flash didn't go off, so
the color's bad).
101-0155_IMG.JPG 101-0160_IMG.JPG 101-0161_IMG.JPG 101-0162_IMG.JPG
101-0163_IMG.JPG 101-0170_IMG.JPG 101-0172_IMG.JPG