Tokyo and Kyoto - March 2002

Tokyo and Kyoto - March 2002
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I was in Japan for 6 weeks, doing training. It gave me the opportunity
to do and see lots of different things, including a weekend trip to
Kyoto, which was a really beautiful city

Mount Takao

On the northwest outskirts of Tokyo, where the land starts
getting hilly, there's a small mountain with a complex of shrines
and temples on top. There is a sort of truce here between Bhuddism
and Shinto, and they coexist side-by-side. While there, I found out
that there was going to be a fire-walking ceremony the next weekend.
Little did I know I would be a participant! (see below)
20020420-r2-09.jpg 20020420-r2-11.jpg 20020420-r1-07.jpg 20020420-r1-11.jpg 20020420-r1-14.jpg 20020420-r1-15.jpg
20020420-r1-19.jpg Inari Fox statues 20020420-r5-02.jpg Well, every religion has it's Precious Moments contingent, I suppose...

Tengu (Takao)
Tengu are mountain demons, sometimes good, sometimes bad. But they are
are a very popular subject. Tengu can appear as crows, and young Tengu are
depicted with a crow's beak and a sword. Older tengu can appear as humans
but always with very long noses (so you can tell when you're talking to one :-)
Older tengu don't need a sword... they only need a fan with which they can
waft away evil, or bring you good luck
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Ueno Park

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Mt. Takao, Firewalking

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Nijo Castle

20020420-r10-03.jpg 20020420-r10-04.jpg 20020420-r10-05.jpg 20020420-r10-06.jpg 20020420-r10-07.jpg 20020420-r10-08.jpg 20020420-r10-09.jpg 20020420-r10-10.jpg 20020420-r10-11.jpg 20020420-r10-12.jpg 20020420-r10-13.jpg 20020420-r10-14.jpg 20020420-r10-15.jpg 20020420-r10-16.jpg 20020420-r10-17.jpg 20020420-r10-18.jpg 20020420-r10-19.jpg 20020420-r10-20.jpg 20020420-r10-21.jpg 20020420-r10-22.jpg


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a Japanese Inn

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Cherry Blossoms at Night



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20020420-r11-22.jpg 20020420-r11-23.jpg

Cherry Blossom Picnic

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Farewell Dinner

20020420-r13-01.jpg 20020420-r13-02.jpg 20020420-r13-03.jpg KujiraYa.JPG


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